What's your relationship with Parky like?

This weekend someone asked my what my relationship with Parky was like? I thought for a moment and said something like this.

"My relationship with Parky is tumultuous.. From the day he first said hello, quietly in my fluttering fingers; to when he was finally outted by a man wearing a sensible suit and even after his hospital visit last year he's been surly, begrudging, and a general all around pain in the arse (etc) and yet he's still a mate of sorts. We argue and make-up and then just when I think I am at peace, he'll toss in another wee grenade. I do admire him as he is probably one of the most persistent bastards I know - he simply wont 'go away' no matter how many times I've told him to.

I did try to simply ignore him but that was like a man with fleas drinking tea - expecting them to move on. I tried fighting him but he knows all the moves - and then some. He's like Neo in the The Matrix. I also ended up so exhausted from our bouts that I could barely lift a glass or two of wine.

You could say we are like two old friends sharing a very small flat together.. me bright and cheerful, expressive and sharp as a tack, him an old grouch (think the grandpa's in the circle on the Muppets) muttering and stumbling around like a drunken fool.

The "deal" I've made with him is I'll do everything I can to keep him fit and strong if he keeps a low profile and tries not to bring me down to much. I've even put an extra couple of power points in his room. Not sure what he's doing but the power bill was ridiculous last month. Suppose it is winter though.

Anyway what was that you were asking me about...?"