Post DBS update

It's been 3 weeks since they turned the battery on, and it's been amazing - and frustrating at the same time. Kinda of two steps forward one backwards.

After the initial aforementioned benefits things started to slow down as they reduced my levedopa medication. At one stage I was shufffling along taking micro steps and I almost ground to a halt. Then they increased the amplitude and that was better, then I started getting some dyskenesia back So they dial back the meds again.

Anyway post I'm now taking relatively tiny amount of the dopamine generating drug and am doing great. I even started to annoy my mates at The Department of Marketing this last week.

I am going into hospital again this morning for another tune up - or down (the actual science is a bit confusing). I'll keep you posted.

Lastly thanks for all the FB support - it's been incredible and has definitely kept my spirits up during this time. Bless you.

PS :  That particular X-Ray is NOT my head, but it is of a person post DBS.