A bad day at the office.

Yesterday Mr Clumsy was on  my case.

It started with a low speed car crash on the way to school - in that i reversed out of the driveway and managed to hit my neighbours car parked opposite.  Luckily I only glanced off his spare tyre  (4x4 exterior) as i came to a stop.  But i felt more than a little silly.

The clumsiness prevailed as I bounced off the door jamb at home..This happens weekly or so but in one spectacular display i managed to bounce so hard off the one shoulder, as I tried to simply go to the bathroom, that I hit my other shoulder on the opposite side. #pinballwizard.  I have achey enough shoulders without bashing 'em around like this.

The final leg of the triangle of klutz was losing my dinner plate off my knees and watching in horror as my beautifully prepared dinner (thanks Kate) smashed itself into a mound of mash, chops n china.   Ironic given we were watching Masterchef

it's moments and days like this when i am tempted to get sad, or angry, or bitter - and i mighty go their - a la Rhonda Rousey post her defeat - but that just spoils my day.

As my mate Rich said when I told him about the accident. "You can only laugh, mate."