A Leap of Faith - pre brain surgery musings

Last week Lily came home with a certificate awarded for demonstrating "faith" in her classroom activities. I love that the school supports the children to develop these conceptual cornerstones of a spiritual lif

Now I don't have 'faith' in the way the roman catholic church prescribes (not dissing it either) but sitting here contemplating brain surgery and the attendant risks I found myself asking in what I believe and my answer are simple:

I believe in my children.

I believe in my wife.

I believe in (my) family and friends.

Many people are amazed that we are so relaxed about the surgery. Well firstly we are indeed mindful and fearful of the risks -  but we aren't afraid (paralysed) by them.

I recently faced my fear of heights at the half day High Ropes Course at Outward Bound.  The first thing they taught us was how to be safe with a TWO ROPE system working in tandem with a BACKUP CREW member visually and verbally double checking every move.  I climbed up feeling terrified but soon after my first fall I worked out that it was "safe" and falling was kinda fun.  One thing led to another and I actually started to PLAY up there. The highlight challenge was this" leap of faith" from one small platform across to another.  I started quietly plucking up courage to leap.. I did it.  Then I urned around and lept back.   I finally ended up doing with my eyes closed!!

We have been swamped with love, good wishes, blessings and offers of prayer from all over the world.  People we know - and some we don't have volunteered to cook meals, drive kids etc and we feel incredibly HELD. 

Thanks to you all I have faith in my ROPES (surgery and movement disorder team) and have my BACKUP double checking squad in place.

Leap of faith....?   Yeah, nah.