"Our Goals" by Enzo Simone

Goals of the Ambassador Project:

· To unite & conquer Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Disease.
· To raise awareness for these diseases by sharing each advocates personal perspective with both the local and the global community.
· To prepare our bodies for the event months in advance, by exercising, eating healthy foods, and maintaining a positive mental attitude.
· To create a sense of international camaraderie among advocates, patients & caregivers. Instilling the feeling that we are all in this great quest to find the cures we seek together.
· To raise funds for research & caregiver programs (based in our individual areas).

Improving the person…

Physical - In the months leading up to each climb the aspiration of each advocate, patient, and caregiver will be to improve their bodies and through healthy diet, as well as physical, cardio and pulmonary exercise. GOAL: To become stronger in body to help fight disease and to reach our summits.

Emotional – In the months leading up to each climb each advocate, patient and caregiver will aspire to build and / or improve the relationships with family, friends and other advocates in their community and around the world. To show love & compassion to those near and far who struggle like you and who fight for your improvement. GOAL: To inspire & motivate ourselves and others to overcome all challenges presented to us by these diseases. To never give up until the cures are found. To carry on and reach our summit.

Mental - In the months leading up to each climb each advocate, patient & caregiver will aspire to improve mental focus and personal determination. GOAL: Mastering these attributes will drive us to persevere through the many challenges presented to us as advocates, patients & caregivers. They will also push us through difficult moments on the mountains and on to the summits.

Empowerment – To feel and believe we can conquer any mountain both real and metaphorical. In the months leading up to each climb each advocate, patient & caregiver will develop the self-confidence
needed to succeed in taking part in or create their own charity awareness projects leading to positive change in the world.

Improving the world…

Raising Awareness -

In the local sense:
To use word of mouth, social media and both local & national media (newspaper, radio & television).
To give interviews in order to discuss the struggles of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's patients, challenges of the caregivers, to describe the inspiration for their involvement, and the need for the cures. In the case of doctors and researchers - describe work and the importance of learning about, treating, developing better treatments and possibly curing the diseases.

In the global sense:
To meet with other advocates & counterparts from other states and countries.
To find common ground among people of varied backgrounds by sharing experiences, thoughts, ideas.
To learn from the people of other nations who may cope with these disease differently.

Raising Funds for Research, Care Giving, and related programs –
Each town, county, state, or nation has its own officially recognized charities in-place to help those impacted by Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease. Each advocate will make official arrangements to align themselves with one of these organizations / association to raise awareness & funds for the cause and charity they support.The_side_view.jpg