No more "disco" dancing for me

In the weekend I was in Sydney at the Tappers 20th Wedding Anniversary.  It was an amazing time filled with laughter, incredible food, old and new friends and some of the most memorable speeches I have ever heard.

Of course there was wine & cocktails & tequila & with this crowd a whole lotta dancing. As the night wore on and despite resisting - I finally I got dragged on  to the dancefloor.

"What was I thinking? ..............I can't dance"

I have Parkinsons ...

I shuffle when i walk...

I have balance issues ....

I had been drinking .. not a lot, but enough

And yet when i started to boogie it (albeit briefly) all clicked into place and I was busting some moves. (sad but true)

There are two factors in this that were at play.

One is since my DBS operation my dyskinesia (which funnily enough the family refer as Daddy's disco) has all but dissapeared, such are the wonders of modern neurosurgery and the resulting decrease in my medication.  

The second is a little known phenomenona in PD that occurs for some of us with excercise or activity that is disrythmic.  What happens here is some PWP who struggle to simply walk - discover they can play table tennis, ski or dance.  And that when we do these activities -  for all intensive purposes (and for a short time) our PD "disapears".

So in one sense my "disco" days are over, in another sense they are still alive 'n kickin.

Strange eh? :-)