Thoughts on my 6 day adventure at Outward Bound



The OUTWARD component was 6 days of intense physical activity.   If we weren't eating or packing for the next mission we were:

rolling in the mud or

on our pre-dawn run or

swimming in the (freezing) ocean every day followed by an (even colder) cold shower or

we were rowing 6 nautical miles or

on an 8 km hike or

night walking or

high rope climbing or 

mountain running or

surf kayaking or

sleeping (sort of) on a boat and another night on a beach

and finally a 10km run to sign off



Alongside it was the INWARD journey. The internal conversation usually going along these lines.

"Do what?!!.....You're kidding...... No way! We've got Parkinson' we can't do that..."

"Oh god I'm going to have to..."

"Deep breaths Andy.  Here we gooooooooo.."


(run, climb, jump, hike, row, swim, paddle, lead, follow, listen, pack, stretch..)


hard/tough/rough/intense/monotonous/not fun at all/challenging/thrilling/exciting/amazing/fun/exhilarating.......



The individual and collective sense of achievement grew as the week evolved and we rose and met each successive challenge.The more exhausted and stressed we were the more we had to dig deep.  And dig deep we did.  The sense of team was palpable and everyone on our watch completed the 10 km challenge in under 2 hours (it took me 1 hour 40 mins) - even though there were options for 6km or 8km. 

I pushed myself way beyond what I thought I could do.

I rediscovered my sense of adventure.

I reinforced my love of the outdoors and the sea.

I am a better person for my time in Anakiwa.

You should do it. :-)